Animate Rotation along local Axis

How can I animate the rotation of an object along it’s local axis. I can’t seem to get it done in Blender. I’ve got a 3dsmax background and it’s very easy to do it in max. If I rotate my object allong it’s local axis and then play the animation suddenly it rotates along all its axises.

I couldn’t find the answer on google…


Hi Jery thanks for the response. Now try it again with the cube positioned in the way I’ve got it placed in my screenshot:

I don’t really understand what is the problem

If you want to animate rotation along global axis instead of local one here you go:

I have the same problem couple of days ago
Add Empty object, than - Add Object Constrain/Copy rotation to Your box, select Empty as a target, set Space WORLD SPACE-OBJECT SPACE, rotate Empty and it should work

cactus1138 Thanks that is exactly what I was looking for.

Jerzy Górski Try cactus1138s method and you will see what I was looking for.

Both thanks for the help!

Why it’s so difficult in blender to rotate object in local axis? You have to use empties and constraints…

If you start at the top middle of the ui, look straight down. There is a dropdown menu labeled “Global”,
select it and change it to “Local”. Now you should be good to go.