Animate satalite image into cartograph?

I need to change a satalite view of a country into an old map. Is there a way of morphing the textures? I’ve no idea how to do this. Any help appreciated

Can you be more specific as to what you’re hoping to accomplish? Are you simply trying to make a static texture from a satellite photo into a static texture that looks like an old map, or are you trying to morph it as part of an animation from a satellite photo into the map. The first one may prove fairly simple, depending on the type of photo, the specific look you’re trying to achieve, and your proficiency in a raster graphics editor such as Photoshop or Gimp. The second would probably need you to do everything that the first would require, then animate the material in Blender. Can you post the photo that you want converted, or one with a similar look? If so, I can try things out on my end and see if I can garner an acceptable result.

Edit: Well, the title says animate, so the second option is probably what you’re looking for. Do you already have both textures, or do you need to create the old map texture from a satellite photo?

Edit 2: Well, here’s a quick and dirty old map texture I made just now in Gimp using only a satellite photo of Australia that I pulled off Wikipedia. Is this what you mean by old map?