animate space ship engine

I am working on an animation that starts with a space ship the flies over the camera, circles the planet half way, and then flies to the planet. I would like to have “flames” out the back, similar to Star Wars or most other science fiction movies or shows. How would I go about doing this? Halos maybe, or some other way?

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers.


I’ve used halo’s in the past to simulate the emissions from a starwars style engine, I have attached a blend file as an example, I hope it helps.



SW_EngineGlow.blend (196 KB)

Thank you. I will download your file and then play around with it when I get home. Thanks again.

I can’t remember where I saw it, but some time ago I found a tutorial about this kind of stuff. Using the node compositor and an animated texture made of white particles on a black background applied to a displace modifier, the author added a very nice hot gaz effect.

Yeah, I have seen a tutorial about that too, Roubal. I wish i could help by giving you a link, but I forgot where i saw it. it was on someone’s “blender tutorial page”.