Animate texture mapping with associated ipo curve?

Quote from Blender wiki:
“As well as animating a texture’s mapping with its associated Ipo curves (eg. the texture’s offset -ofsX/Y/Z ) you can also use animated image sources”.
This is from the page showing how to use video files as textures.
But i want to learn the 1st way (with ipos).
Can anyone link me to a tutorial for that, or explain it here?
I have an image with the size 256x1024. Basically its 4 images glued together. Now i want to make animation by changing UVs each frame…
…particularly the “Animated Procedural Textures” PDF <== click

I kinda hope theres a way without using nodes?

On which page of the short PDF tutorial I directed you to does the word “node” appear?

sorry, i thought its a signature.
So can i export that to .x format?

What’s .x format?

DirectX .x format format.
I just wanna know if i can export that to something other than Blenders .blend format.

Provided you have Python installed you get a full range of export toys…

These are mainly made for exporting models though. I would not expect DirectX to understand blender’s procedural materials… some of the exporters have nifty ways of converting textures, but even those might be able to perform UV textures, but procedurals are something else. For this you would want to UV unwrap your model and use clever workarounds to export the texture as frame sequence, and then reassign them to the model in your DirectX authoring program.