Animate the cells in a voronoi texture

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It probably is really simple, but how do I animate the cells in a voronoi texture (or any other procedural texture for that matter)? So what I want is easy to do in After Effects, but I haven’t found it in Blender. I added a AE turbulence example to show what I mean (this isn’t a voronoi texture of course, you get the drift).

I would want to do something similar in Blender and I found a reference that used Blender 2.41. There the tutor used the IPO Curve Editor? to animate the voronoi cells but I haven’t found a comparable way to do it in the latest Blender version.

you can animate the values in the (vector) mapping node, given that you also assign texture coordinates

oh and also the scale factor can be animated (right click on the value and add keyframe)

Yes, thanks. But does that give an evolutionary look at the cells? It only makes them change position and size, not shape. Or am I mistaken?

no you’re not. There’s no evolutionary parameter afaik.
Maybe you should try to (color) mix with it other textures (noise? musgrave?) and see what happens and when it fits your needs

try keyframing the “Feature weights”. Position the cursor over each value into the Properties panel and “i” for insert keyframe.


Thanks. I am going to tweak some more :wink:

Hey buddy!
I was trying to do the same thing for underwater caustics effect and found a tutorial from
He said to animate the z value under mapping of the texture. And it Works!
I think this is because the texture could be considered 3D but can only be shown in 2D so the cells are like little spheres and when the cross section changes, the3 voroni cells look like they are evolving, if you could imagine that.

Without having tested, I suspect that would work well on a 2D plane. For something 3D, it would look like moving up through the object. To do this well (and also to do seamless tiling outputs without visible “flips”), you’d have to do 4D Voronoi. I’ve noticed there are some 4D stuff going on, but I’m wondering if 4D voronoi, noise, simplex noise etc will get supported by the native (cycles) materials, and if so, how to control the 4th dimension (time won’t cut it :)). Anyone know? Also, will Cycles eventually get builtin support for the other voronoi families? Is there any way of doing these in Cycles currently?

did you check the OSL shader
i did see a voronoi OSL

and you can change the setting of the noise source and the texture
but not certain if this can be animated

also what about the cellvoronoi addon
might help may be!

also another idea here
check the dynamic paint
may be this can animate a voronoi texture !

but blender does not have any way i think to change the noise source for the voronoi itself
but you can animate it change location or scale

but not certain what you mean by evolution!

just saw the node voronoi texture
VoronoiTexture(Texture) — Blender 3D v2_50 (sub 14) documentation.mht

it has some var for noise intensity and scale
so may be with a script you can control more variables and get a better simulation

there migth be a script to do that
sorry did not have time to check all pages
it starts here

check all pages you might find a script !

happy cycles

For anyone still searching for an answer the closest thing I could do is here:

Well, the voronoi has been updated now. So all you need to do is animate the 3rd parameter of 2D voronoi, or the 4th parameter of 3D voronoi to “animate the cells in a voronoi texture”. What you’re doing there is animating the distance output threshold, which is kinda different. But, 6 years :slight_smile:


Are you guys looking for the “W” parameter in the 4D Voronoi?

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