animate the removal of a face

I am trying to animate a cracking egg (chicken pops out, etc.), but I dont know how I can animate the removal of geometry. What I want to do is have the egg suddenly have a crack in it, which means I have to remove a face to make a hole. And then there are more cracks, and then peices start coming off to some music…
Help, please?

p.s. I looked at blendwell’s post because it seemed I might get my answer, but nobody replied to him.

You could have the egg shell broken into the pieces you want, but have them all put together for the beginning of the animation when you want a whole egg. For the cracks, I would say texturing would be the best route…

Good luck!

Model the exact pieces that are going to crack apart as one mesh then create shape keys of the cracked pieces cracking apart by editing the vertices by splitting them from the mesh. That way the egg will look whole then show slowly cracking apart. Here is an animation that I am doing where I created a cut out section of a cube that seperates then joins back together.