Animate the UV mapping?

I’m making a model for a game, and the game does not support animated texture files.
So, I was wondering…

Is there any way to animate the UV mapping? I just want one face to spin on the image.
It’s a vortex-y looking thing, and would look really cool if the swirly vortex actually… swirled.

Can you give the texture itself a shifter? Most games should be able to do that.

Try using an animated .gif image. These seem to work fine as textures (haven’t tried them as uv maps though) but I’m not sure if they’ll work in the game engine cuz I’ve never used that.

I think we would only know the answer if you told us what game, it doesn’t sound like you mean blender’s real-time engine.

The game is Narbacular Drop. I tried using a GIF, and it crashed. It only supports BMP and DDS, I think.I could try others, but it probably will crash with those too.

Unfortunately, it’s an incomplete game, and since it was the final project of a group of college students, the college owns the rights and the developers can’t fix things, as much as they’d like too.
They did, however, get hired by Valve to make Portal.

I’ve been making custom maps, but I decided I wanted to make a Portal mod. I found an exporter for Blender that produces models the game will read, so I’m making a new set.
What I’m working on is the model of the actual portal, and I thought it’d be cool if it had a vortex thingy before you place it, at which point the actual portal texture would be on top of it so you can’t see it. I’ve got the model and I made a base texture, but now I want the vortex to swirl.
If I thought I could animate the face with the vortex on it so it rotates, I’d do it. But it’s kind of hard to take a single face and make it rotate AND retain a rectangular shape.

I presume you’d have to change the game it’s self, who knows…

So, essentially, I cannot simply have the UV face rotate? Any animation must be in the texture itself?

You can but the game it’s self must have the functions to do the rotating. I can’t tell if it does…

Only one way to find out.
Instruct me in your ancient, sacred ways, O wise one.