Animate vs Blender?

Hi. For a school assignment, I’m in need of the similarities and differences between Animate and Blender. Can you guys help me out and give me some please ? I’ve got some, such as the cost, the fact that Animate is 2D and Blender is 3D mainly, the difficulty of usage and the support for the user. Is there anything else?


I don’t know much about Animate CC, but I will tell you that Blender is completely free (while Animate by itself costs $8 a month I believe), is capable of making stuff like Frozen and The Hobbit, is supported by a very friendly and helpful online community (here), and is very difficult to learn.

To give you advice on which you should use you will need to give us basic details about your project so that we know what you are trying to accomplish and what your expectations are.

And by the way, welcome to the forum!

Is the purpose of the assignment to review the differences between the products, or is actually using said products?