animate while mirror modifier on

I have created a male figure with the mirror modifier on. Is there any way to animate him without moving the mirror? For instance: I want to animate him walking, how do I move only his left leg?

Apply the Mirror Modifier in the Modifier tab, but preferably only when all your modelling is done.


What I am trying to say is that if I want to animate - how do I do it ONE leg at a time with the mirror modifier on because my model was created from the beginning WITH the mirror modifier on.

You can`t do that without applying the modifier.

Would an armature modifier after the mirror one work?

The Mirrored side of the “mesh” is an Instance of the real Mesh; move a vert on the right side and the corresponding vert on the Left side moves too. It doesn’t matter how you move it, is a mirrored instance.


Actualy i just tested my idea and it works.