Animate with python

Can you animate stuff in Blender the same way you can in Flash with ActionScript?

For example: A mate of mine wants me to animate a DNA string “turning bad” for a zombie film he’s doing. I’ve made a good looking bit of DNA with loads of spheres. To make it go bad I was planning on enlarging each sphere and making them go black, but since there’s so many it would take me ages to do this by hand… Can I automate the process with python?



I suppose it could be animated with python, but from your description, I don’t know why it would be necessary. In your current model, are the spheres individual objects? Or have you modeled a single object?

You could use shape keys to scale them. Also, you can animate color changes (RGB) values as well as texture coordinates with ipo curves. Thus making the spheres “Go Bad”.

They’re individual objects. Although I did cluster some together to speed things up a bit. I know I can make them larger and change the colour but I don’t want to have to do it to each individual sphere (or group of spheres). I probably didn’t explain it properly as I want them all to fire off at different times rather than change the whole thing to black in one go.

If this were flash and these were movie clips then I could loop through each movie clip and do it by using some ActionScript. I don’t know whether you can do similar things with Python?!?