animated alphamap problem!!

I have a problem that gives me headache!!
I modeled the ring of the lord of the rings,
For the inscription (the famous ring inscription) I used UV mapping of an alpha map , a normal map and an emitting map for the “glowing”. Till here everything is ok.
But now, I’ve tried to make the inscription animated (so that it appears progressively), like in the film. So I decided to do an animated alpha map which I use instead of the alpha image before. This works with blender internal but with Yafray there is no inscription rendered.
my animated alpha texture is an .avi (raw)
Can anybody explain me how to do this with Yafray and why it works with blender internal?

Because…Blender Internal is better.

I thought you would get a laugh out of that. Seriously, tho, ur better off asking in the forum; weez no Jafrey xperts here. Yafray I do know operates completely differently in rendering philosophy. It may no be a feature of Yafray…

Ok, I’ll try to find an answer on the yafray forum.
But, would ther be another way to animate the inscription without using an animated alphamap?

yes, by using an animated image texture for the inside faces of the ring where the animation is the inscription being revealed.

Also, like doing footprints, you could put a smooth mesh just over the uv mapped mesh that has the inscription, and animate the smooth mesh to meld into the ring, thus exposing the inscripted surface. If the base materials of both meshes are the same, as the blank mesh gets just a teeny bit behind the UV inscribed mesh, it will appear as though the inscription appears magically. No alpha involved.