Animated armature doesn t want to follow a path by constraint -HELP

Hey guys. I would like to ask for help. I made two models with textures, armatures and animations of horse moves. The horses and their riders are separate objects. I want to add a path for them to move along. But when i try to do this (by adding constraint) , by selecting one armature, one rider and his staff (also separate object) one of the elements (the last selected - last time it was staff) goes away far from the horse at the end of a blue dotted line, and when i try to add the animation for the path - the blue dotted linne is the only thing which moves, aiming at the path. Please help me solve this. I want both horses to move along the path through 180 frames, moving their legs by that time.


The location of the origin of the objects following the path and the origin of the path itself are important.

Thanks for advide Richard. But what do i have to do? (sorry maybe i can’t read but i am really new to blender :] ) And will is solve the problem of blue dotted line and no movement? Can i make multiple objects at once follow the path - also an armature?

Bump. Nobody can help?