animated beating heart

I am trying to get the effect of an animated beating heart. the top chamber on the left of the heart is the left atrium, a disorder can cause a quivering of the chamber and that is called atrial fibrillation. when a random beat will occur, it can send a massive stroke to the brain. when smaller quivers occur they can send micron strokes to the brain that may not be noticed. (I somehow got an extra shader pixel that i notice, but couldnt re-texture over it). This is the first video I am posting for work in progress - but i want to make this better. (and trying to learn how to get proper feedback from posts here in the forums). I am not a computer animator - but learned all of my blender skills from watching youtube videos and reading every book on the subject i could get on

This is very good, can you go through how you’ve made it? It looks like you’ve used two separate objects for the atrium and rest of the heart, and are you using a lattice deform or just shapekeys? I liked the afib part.

I’d advise having a look at a real heart. No insult intended but it looks nothing like that simple piece of meat.