Animated Blur and other FX with Compositor

I’ve been developing a particular visual effect for my Kata movie and have a little proof-of-concept sequence that shows the essentials:

It uses modulated Blur nodes that change amplitude of the Blur over time for the pulsating aura effect:

Still some work to do overall, but the main elements are in place.

Whoa! Anyway u could apply those to a real person? Think Star Wars Holos… :smiley:

This looks really excellent. Perfect effect!!!

Very cool effect. I’ll have to try out your nodes.

Thanks for the comments, folks! Here’s a revised version, a little more separation and emphasis in the blur FX, and a slightly different color treatment. This is what I plan to use for the final effect, though not with this animation – I’m just using some I already have done for Act 1 to develop the look:

The semi-random blobs of light surrounding her, apart from the aura, are a “tattered” cloth object also run through a set of Blur nodes, then recombined with the rest further down the pipeline.

@ blenderman345 – Since it’s a post-production 2D effect, no reason this can’t be used with any subject, even from live-action vids, as long as there’s some way to isolate the subject you want to have blurred. With vid, you’d either have to shoot some sort of blue- or green-screen equivalent that lets you pull a clean matte, or do some rotoscoping.

nice work, and the idea to use the cloth on its on layer with a blur, kudos on that one

thanks, but it’s a bit of a steal from ILM. In the classic fun horror flick Poltergeist a female spirit floats down a curving staircase with these undulating blobs of "ectoplasmic"light moving all around her. I read in Cinefex that it was a woman on a flying rig dressed in a suit with lots of cloth strips hanging off, with a wind machine blowing them around, all shot in slomo and then run through a bunch of optical processes (this was all pretty much pre-digital). So I set about imitating that in Blender.

very cool. striking, unique. 5* so far!

Nice technique with the blurred cloth - I would say you were inspired by the Poltergeist technique, but kudos for adapting it to Blender’s tools :slight_smile: Very nice effect :slight_smile: