Animated boolean with displacement texture - Empty mesh error 2.8

Hello! :slight_smile:

I am new to Blender, so sorry if that’s a noobish question. I got a problem with animating boolean object with displacement texture. In some frames it works - it cut the inside of the object and in some frames object is empty. No matter which option of texture I am tweaking - there always would be errors somewhere. Really frustrating. The only way when it’s working as it should is when I use soft textures (clouds eg.) But I need this “brickish” effect.

Things tested:

  • Added and applied more subdivisions to both objects, does not work.
  • Changing texture coordinates from “global” to “object” helps much (not completely) to this problem, but I need my surface changing

Gif of the problem included. First is what’s happening, the second how the cutting mesh looks like.


I would appreciate any help very much :slight_smile: