animated channels disapear from the dopesheep

It’s very annoying and I don’t know if it’s a bug or how to fix it. while working on an animation I want to move a keyframe and I find out te FK-IK channel dissapear from the dope sheet. And I simple cannot move them! What do I need to do?

amm… I am kind of stuck because of that. I would realy appriciate help.

please help! I had this problem before and I have not idea how to solve it! how can I retime the keyframe if some of them refuse to move?

Without a .blend file it is impossible to tell what exactly is going wrong in your case.

My guess from what you’ve said is that your rig probably uses some driver to toggle which IK/FK controls are visible. To get around this, try toggling the “Include channels from objects/bones which are not visible” (ghost toggle, beside the cursor/only-selected)

Oh thanks a lot!! It would be better if I knew this before. but i gues late is better than never.