Animated clay material

I’ve seen clay materiasl which change appearance over time (as if someone remolded between frames). Either frame by frame or for every Nth frame.

I’m trying to create my own clay material but with a twist, and am stuck with the following:

  1. change appearance but only when object is moving.

  2. a controlled randomizer. For example: a static object will keep it’s look but once in a while change it randomly. How frequently it happens is user controlled.

I’m no scripting or math wizard and I’m not even sure if this can be done.

Any sort of help would be highly appreciated.

The first you can do by feeding the objects position into a noise texture.

The second you can do with a driver in a value node which gets the current frame.
Hook it up to a 1D noise texture and you get a random value. The user can control it by changing the scale and the other noise parameters

Damn - I tried with object info node and driver however with different node setups and wans’t getting useful results.

I’ll have a closer look straight away. Thanks!

Edit: These are working great!