Animated cloud layer for 3d earth

Ok, heres my problem, i need an animated cloud layer texture for a 3d earth.

I already tried to make my own by downloading around 3000 composite satelite pics from:

and put them together in after effects, keyed out the purple stuff and enhanced and cleaned out the incomplete pics (the satellites dont have 24h coverage all the time).

problem is 640x350 is as sucky for a texture as it can get (for a PAL DV render).

now my question is does anyone know where to get a texture like that (doesnt have to be for free), or any way to make my own?
I thought about using a water texture to animated the clouds procedurally, but that looks fairly synthetic, any other ideas?

Well, you could use those pics you downloaded as reference and paint up some clouds at whatever resolution you want in photoshop or gimp. Then just import and animate that in After Effects.

use alan’s cloud generator to make some nice hi res clouds.

or go to this tutorial, they have some hi-res maps:


yeah i thought of that, i could even use the highres clouds i already have. question is how do i do this? motion tracking seems a bit complicated and not really necessary.

the twirl effect in after effects looks synthetic so thats no solution either.
im slowly running out of ideas, but maybe im really thinking too complicated here.

map alpha channel on the high ress clouds…something something? >_<