Animated colors in GLSL mode not working ?

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to animate the diffuse color of an object in blender 2.54. Unfortunately, when I select GLSL mode, the animation doesn’t work anymore (only colors f-curves don’t work, shape actions still work). Is there a trick to get it working ?
Thanks !

i am having problems with material colours as welll, with alpha…

Delete the material. Then you can edit the Object colors.
GLSLexplosion.blend (216 KB)



GLSL_Color.blend (135 KB)

You can animate the OBColor Ipos

Set the OBcolor in material and make the Ipo Keys ( you need make the keys for all RBGA not only the key that you need )

It… works :eek:
I deleted the material with textures and stuff… but textures are still there when I press P.
Thanks for the trick ! :smiley: