Animated Cracks tutorial

Hi, I made a video tutorial to show how I animated the cracks in my ‘Barrel’ animation, since some people asked me about it. This is my first tutorial ever, and also my first time using screen recording software.

It took me ages, but mainly because it is nearly impossible to talk about this subject for 10 minutes without accidentally using the word ‘crack’ in a dodgy sounding way…

Anyways, let me know it it’s usefull and and if its easy to follow.
This is just how I figured out how to do it, if there is a more efficient way (which there probably is) I would be interested to learn it.



Hi, I really enjoyed your tutorial really useful and very well explained. If you plan to do more tutorials about your wonderful short animation, please consider doing something about the method used to rig the barrel. Keep the good work coming :o Thanks

Thank you for sharing this!

Really nice! I enjoyed this tutorial. Keep up the good work! (I replied yesterday but apparently the submit didn’t stay or something…curious)

Thanks for the comments everybody.
Josecabana: The rig for the barrel is very simple, I basically just rigged a lattice. I might do a tutorial sometime, but the rig I made is not very clean and was done according to necessity. In the meantime here are the basic steps (I will use a cube instead of a barrel):

  1. Add a cube, subdivide once or twice (depending on the deformation you want, you can apply subsurf, set smooth ect depending on what you want)

  2. Add a lattice around the cube, make it slightly bigger than the cube. Select the cube and apply a lattice modifyer (using the name of the lattice) Select the Lattice again and in edit mode, move some points around to see if it worked.

  3. Play with the lattice subdividions by pressing the U, V, and W buttons in the Laticce’s edit buttons, and moving around lattice points to check the deformation of the cube.

  4. once you have decided on the lattice subdivisions you want, you need to figure out which points of the lattice you want to use to animate the cube.

5.Once you have decided this, add hooks to the points you want to use to animate. Do this by selecting the lattice, and in edit mode, select one or more points, press ctrl+H and select ‘to new empty’. This will add an empty and you can then go into object mode again and animate the points of the lattice by moving the empty.

  1. You can now build an armature and parent the empties to bones in order to complete the rig.

Hope this helps


Good Job on the tut. Very helpful. Thanks!

Thanks Phlopper, I manage to adapt some of your technique to my particular purpose. Here you can see the result:

(its better if you right click and activate the loop option) Thanks a lot for your reply !!!

Hi Jose, glad I could help! I really like your animation, especially the way the ears move. I also watched your demo, very impressive work!

Nice technique…very helpful…thanks for the tuts…

Awesome tutorial! Very easy to follow, and awesome end effect!

Thanks for sharing this!

loved this tut!!! I’m rendering a little something from it now!

i’m honestly amazed at your insight, how did you come up with this idea?


Thanks for the great tutorial!