Animated Destruction


I was wondering if it was possible to do that thing where somebody jumps through a brick wall and it breaks.
So all I need is basically just so I can get my head around it, is a cube animated to follow a path with bumps into some other cubes with rigid body in game mode for them to react. How would I do something like that?

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Thanks for the reply, but it’ not really what I’m looking for,
I have a fully rigged character, and I want him to jump and smash through a brick wall, but an animated mesh can’t be put into the game engine (well I tried at least), so how would I achieve that?

The way that ive done it in the past is to create a mesh in the game engine that is not rendered, but will follow the same path as your charactor. you would need to time it so that it hit the wall at the same time as ur charactor so some expereimentation with timing ,size and shape of ur projectille object will be needed. If you use the fracture tool addon, it has an option for doing all of this in the blender render view (spacebar-type frac-record animation and also add projectile) now so not really any need to use the game engine unless thats just where your confortable. I hope this helped, if i need to go into more detail just let me know, and if need be i can put together a test blend file to show you what i mean.

The way that i have done it in the past is to create your wall, and using fracture tools, break the wall or just the hole up into shards. Once thats done set up the shards (spacebar-type “frac” should see set up shards) and your projectile. go to the game engine and set up ur animation to corispond with the path of your charactor. it will require some experiments with the timing, size and shape of the projectile. set the projectile to not render, check the box in the drop down box from the top to record animation, then record (mouse curser to 3d view and press “p”) your animation. fracture tool addon now can do all this, even record the animation from blender render view but you would still need the logic editor to change the path of your projectile. I hope this helped and if i need to explain in more detal let me know.

I’m not sure about the order of things. I’m not sure how they connect either, I added a projectile, but how do I get it to smash into my enlarged default cube. I can fracture the cube, but I’m not sure how to make that react with the projectile. Do I add keyframes for the projectile?
Would it be possible for a step by step screenshot account of what to do? That would really help me get the hang of the order of things.

Ill put somethin together for you that is more specific to what your tryin to do, but in the mean time take a look at this it should get ya started.

The Destructability Editor addon is great for this kind of thing

I’ve seen this add-on, but I’m not sure how to ‘upload’ it to Blender, I don’t know what to install and whatever, what files in it should I use/install when I go to install add-ons?

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