Animated EKG with Blender

Hey everybody :slight_smile:

I was asked to do a simple ekg animation in Blender…but as i started, i found it wasn’t as easy as i thought.
So far i tried a particle system following a (building) path…which worked quite well, though my particles dont seem to look the way i wanted to. I tried without a particle system…just the building path…which looked rather good, but then my biggest problem occured: My path needs to fade out on the left side of the scene…building and almost simultaniously fading out…any ideas how to do that?

Thx for your help :wink:

Just came across this and it sounds similar to what I am trying to do. In essence I am trying to have a light pulse zooming along a path (fiber optic cable in reality). I simply have a little glowing ball animated along the curve path. In order for it to look like it has some after-glow (hope that makes sense) I used the compositor and vector blur with blur on 2 and samples at 256.

It does not work 100% for my scene as I’d like for the pulse to move much faster and the motion blur does not quire stretch it enough, but for a relatively slow oscilloscope effect of a EKG the approach may work.

Here is classic old Star Track set setup for instrument panel display. You just have signal path cutout of black paper with light in the back that moves.

For fun I set one up with Blender with two planes. Plane A emits green light with blend texture on it. This plane is animated across. Plane B has simple alpha channel texture of EKG signal display. I just made it up form image on Internet. It came out ok, with all that fine vibration in the EKG!

Thx a lot for your help :wink: I’ll try both solution and maybe post the result :wink: