animated facial displacements?

Hey guys,research question.

When you are modelling a head for animation,and want to use a displacement map,for things like wrinkles,pores etc.
and you want to make blend shapes (shape keys?) for a model,how do you know if the displacement map is going to deform well on the mesh?

or am I missing something?,what if for example,I only want certain wrinkles to appear when the character raises his brows?

animated displacement?

Just a little confused about the process perhaps someone can shed some light on it for me.

in the video linked below,there is an animated facial animation clip towards the end with the type of thing i’m looking to produce…which apparently uses displacement maps with morph targets? :spin: i’m clueless.

also here…

" The character object is the same throughout the video, and the changes are made entirely with texturing and displacements created in Pixologic’s ZBrush."

wrong forum perhaps? maybe it should be moved to animation and rigging? (even though it involves the entire process)

Yes, you can animate the degree of displacement, I did with Blender Internal a few years ago. I just set a key frame on a displacement modifier just now, 0 on frame 1 and 1 on frame 20, it works still. I’m looking at the old driver now on google to see if it still is possible - might be good to use a bone in your control rig to use it like a shape key.

Actually, you could apply it as a shape key and then use a regular bone to drive the shape key.

edit: oops, that would mean you would need all the extra geo to displace

i’m very confused,in the second video I linked you can see the mesh looks very simple,so how is it even possible to get that level of displacement?

and how do you even control what areas receive which wrinkles as you move the mesh during the rigging stage.(like if I only want wrinkles to appear as he raises his brows)

and I don’t just want to animate the degree of displacement,what if wanted one mesh to transform into an alien or something,like the video above.As far as I know this was done with displacement maps.Is it possible to use more than one displacement map? and use some kind of weight painting to control which area of a map works with different rig controls etc. ?

i’m just guessing here…

i’m not looking for all the answers ,but I was hoping to get a start,I don’t really know what the process is called.Would be handy to find something,even if its not in blender (although that would be better) maybe I could better phrase everything If knew the process in other software…

I do know that in Blender Internal, you can key frame the influence of different uv mapped textures, and I assume that with the new Dynamic Paint, you could use another object to ‘brush’ the difference as a stencil between the two.

I would start by getting two images ready, one with the extreme detail on one end, the other from the start point, and maybe combine with a shape key made from re-sculpting the mesh (as long as the vert count is the same I suppose this is possible).

I found it, there is more instruction on using drivers here:

perhaps you are right,not sure though.heres a clearer example of what I’m looking for (3dsmax) i’m looking for cycles solutions,I think displacement is coming in 2.66 but BI workflows might not be so different.So all information is great.

thanks so far,I guess its more research.

Hi,I asked this a few days ago in the modelling section,but I thought someone could maybe help me here.I’m researching for a facial animation project.

I know its possible to animate displacements (like for a waves or something) but Is it possible to use multiple displacements in blender to create something like this…

like if i only want wrinkles to appear as the eyebrows raise etc. etc. or isolate certain areas

you can also see example near the end of THIS REEL (animated face)

not sure what the technique is,as it is not shape keys,rather a mix animated/controlled (rigged?) displacements and shapekeys.

hope you can help.


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