Animated Fly

My first sucsesful project in blender I maybe could call it.:yes:

Comments are more than welcome I need to learn what I´m doing right and wrong.

Good job, although the flight pattern could have been a little more erratic and twitchy as Flies rarely move so smoothly. Also, I’ve never seen a green fly before… O_o

nice. i think the wings could have moved a tiny bit faster. and maybe he should be less steady in flight. other then that i like it!

good job ,what did you compost? it with…

One word. Shadows. Nice one, though! Very good tracking…

Thanks for the coments

For compost I actully didn´t do any more than have the movie as the world backgrund and mapped it to the veiw, thats a bad thing to do when you are using envmaps I think.

The flight, yes it relly should be more messy but a path was a so easy way of doing it…
But making a more realistic flight is maybe a good thing to do in a later project, then I maybe could have a freemoving camera to as I had wished to do in the begining.

And the shadows, I have a object were the shadows was ment to be cast at but some were in the working something was mest up…

It made me laugh.

i got a good chuckle and watched it twice.