Animated *.gif as a texture - problem

Hi mates.

I wanted to create candle and I did it! Yey!

But then I wanted to add an animated flame for an animation. I tried to add a plane with ANIMATED GIF Texture of flame.

Transparency works fine, but I can’t use this as a movie ; ( I change in texture options “single image” into “movie”, and Blender renders the first frame of animated gif, but I want whole animation of GIF to be rendered (and be repeated).

For *.avi it is rendering fine.

Any ideas? I don’t want to use *.avi or something else for the fire texture, becouse I need transaprency.


Not a supported format. If I recall correctly GIF only supports 256 colors and one single transparent color, so the practical usefulness is very limited. If you really want to use that candle animation, you need to find some software to convert the frames to a PNG (or other alpha-supporting) sequence.

Thx very much. ; ) I’ll try that out ; )

Works verywell ; ) Thank You

evilferber; do you mean as a gif animation or did you find another software (and which one)
thank you