animated GIF texture Problem - renders green???

i have a problem

i have an animated GIF (with an alpha channel) and every time i select it as a texture the preview window shows my image as a gradient green???

why is it doing this.

I’ve taken some screen shot to show you what i mean.

image 1: is a preview of what it should look like
image 2: shows what texture settings I’ve done
image 3: shows what rendered


(the gif image is not owned by me i got it off the web for a test)


GIF does not support an alpha channel, so that might be a problem there. Also, animated textures that Blender supports are image sequences and movie clips. GIF is/was a proprietary format and I think is not supported. To solve your problem, export the aniGIF (using GIMP< maybe) back to its image sequence and save as non-GIF format (I would suggest PNG since you want an alpha channel), and then use the sequence as your animated texture.