Animated GIFs don't show

Animated GIFs don’t display on my computer at work. I have XP pro and IE and Zone Alarm firewall. I’ve gone into the IE preferences that enable animation and video on web pages and I can’t find anything relevant in Zone Alarm. I fear it is something Zone Alarm does automatically. Does anybody know what the problem might be?

do you mean you are trying to set your avatar to an animated gif, which simply doesn’t show?

the reason is most likely is that it is larger than the maximum size allowed for avatars on this forum [which is like 7k, or something else pretty small]

No, I mean animated gifs don’t display in my browser. I know the avatars which are animated because they work on my home system. On my system at work they are just single static images.

I solved it. It was the Zone Alarm ad blocker, specifically animation. The other ad blocker controls blocked other images too. Almost all the forum pics show up now.