Animated GIFs


I did some animated GIFs again for my company’s website ;).

The first one shows a router device product family. I used photos and a Blender scene with a rough 3D model to get the motion blur effect - then I combined 2D and 3D in this animated GIF:

The second one is a 3D version of the SYSTEMS conference logo - it is an IT media conference currently taking place in Munich, Germany. I decided to combine a subtle lattice deformation and a motion loop - an eye catcher with only 7.5 KB.

Just very small images, but I hope you like them.



P.S. Leaving now to get the plane to Amsterdam… :smiley:

the systems is good. but I dont understand why that router spins?


Its a feature! The world’s first fully rotatable wireless router!

duh the router is spinning because its wireless :smiley: LOL

Nice job.

If you look closely, you’ll see that each time it spins, it is morphing into a different router model… cool idea.

Hard to catch that, since it is so small. I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t seen the text changing and ask “why the heck is the text different each time?”

I like the red dots… :o I’m getting diiiizzzzzyyyyy

Is doing computer graphics like that an enjoyable job? Because I’m thinking it might be an option for me someday.

It’s more enjoyable than many things I can think of, but not nearly as enjoyable as doing your own stuff :slight_smile:

Thank you, guys - I think penitentman was the first who got it - it is a family of router devices - what you see here is just a teaser icon with an explanation/text next to it. I was just looking for an interesting way to change from one device to another. Results can be seen on

PlantPerson, glad to hear that you ‘enjoy’ the dots :D. I really like my job, although Erufailon is right about doing your own stuff - so I’m doing graphics for my company at work and my own stuff at home… ;).

Right now I’m at De Waag in Amsterdam - the Conference just started and it’s great to meet some of the Blenderheads I only know from the forums.