animated grass?

suppose I wanted to animate some grass but didn’t want to use the Fiber script’s animation (1 because I want more control over the animation and 2 because my computer takes a long time to recalculate the animation for the huge field of grass I have)

currently I have four grass meshes, tried to use lattices, but since my ground isn’t level, its hard to deform the lattices correctly (some blades of grass move at the roots, and some don’t move at all). I haven’t tried RVKs yet, but before I try, I wondered if there was a better way of doing this?

like it or not, i think Fiber is your best friend in this case. you could also try static particles. when you assign a texture in the 8th texture slot, it can be used to deform the particles. see @ndy’s snowman animation on and look at the hair, you’ll notice that it has a slight wavy motion - this is done with the 8th texture-slot trick.