Animated Grass

Hi, im trying to have the grass move as a ball passes though it. But all I can find on the net is how to do it in older versions of blender. Im using Version 2.47, all that happens is the ball passes though the grass.
for the grass im using the hair option in the particle system, and the ball is just a UV sphere.


I’ve tried that, but the strands arnt stiff and upright they just flop to the ground. I’m probaly just missing something.
Thanks anyway

maybe this is what you’re searching for. its a youtube vid with the result and the tutorial:

Maybe that’s what you’re looking for:

Have you enabled collision for your UV sphere, in the physics button? It will withdraw the particules from the sphere.

There’s a way to simplify grass motion. I learn it with Peach Project files. You can use the “texture force” to anim the grass. Just set the grass as you want; Create an object (Empty) and use it as force and select “texture” as force; You need a texture (of course) I recomend “clouds” or any fractal noise back and white; And just anim the object that have the force.
And here is the rendered version:

Hope it help.

Sorry! Now I understand what you want… hehehehe… sorry!
I think It will help you… just change the gravity to zero and Dump to max value, this setup prevent the strands to swimnig without control… I think that it’s you point, Isn’t It?
Anyway… here’s the file.


Grass_Colision.blend (197 KB)