Animated hair

What is the best way to avoid hair passing through the head when animated by wind for example ? I’m using 2.46. … soft body curve guides. I can’t seem to get deflectors or fields on the head to prevent it.

Presumably, the best way is to start with the force field from:

For long hair, you also have to add strong force fields in the arms, shoulders, neck… And to keep the hair out of the face, experiment with a weak force field in front of the face,

I’m starting to wonder if there’s a bug in 2.46 … or more likely there’s something I’m missing. Build a sphere with a single curve attached. Set the curve guide as soft body with 1.0 weight at the sphere end and 0.1 at the other. Build a cylinder and set as a soft body deflector. Move the sphere. I seem to get all sorts of results … sometimes perfect with the curve dragging over the cylinder; sometimes the curve passes straight through the cylinder, sometimes it hesitates then passes through.
I’ve tried setting cylindrical force fields on the cylinder but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Well… I was fooled by 4 gotchas.

You have to clear the cache and press Alt-A very carefully. If you change something and press the ANIM butten, the animation goes nuts.

The order of the modifier stack has to be Armature - Particle - Collision - Subsurf.

Deflector meshes don’t work very well. If a key of a strand reaches the area behind the inner damping, it will stay there forever. Building a “mesh” from forcefields is a lot of work, but in the long run it pays off.

And deflection works on keys. If the interspace between your keys is larger then the diameter of the forcefield, deflection doesn’t work. Long hair need at least 20 keys.

By the way, you dont’t need the old curve guides any more. In my opinion, it is better to comb the stands a little bit upward, and play with “G Stiff”, “G Min”, “E Pull” and “E Push” until the hair swings into the desired position.