animated Landscape

Dear Blender-friends,

I would like to animate a Landscape.

I have the a Texture.bmp for the Landscape and a height.avi with gray-scaled pixels relating to the height-coordinates for the texture (12fps).
How to tell blender to render a movie with the texture animated by the height information from the height.avi in time,
(I could provide the hight-information as seperate ascii or seperate bmp’s if this would be easier).

thanx in advance,

I would be interested to know which path you took on this one? I am about to try something like this myself, but i am coming from 3ds max, so first i have to familiarize myself with blenders workings.

I just created a plane and sub divided it about 8 times.

Then I added a material to the plane.

I set the texture to image and loaded an animated image sequence.

I turned on the material DISP mapping so the animated texture is driving the displace. I cranked up the displace value and it does work. I have an animated landscape that is being driven by an image sequence.

The only thing I did not take into account is the 12fps. You may want to convert your animated texture to 30fps or 25fps to match your final output rate.

hey, thanks, that’s helpful.