Animated Lava Tut.

I made a quick tut. and decided to share with you, Hope it Helps, create water, clouds or any other animated surface you require!


Edit: For some reason, the tutorial is incomplete, I’ll rectify this error…
Replacing incomplete files… give it 30 mins… Done!

it’s not working

i got it textured, but the texture doesn’t move. got tips?

The texture is supposed to move on other objects. The array is the baking frame only. The texture must be animated (enable animate on the image properties bar. Alternatively, follow al steps from the beginning.
Animated textures work differently on the texture modes. On GLSL (to use the normals) you just unwrap the mesh, in face texture, I think you must UV map it to match with the first frame.
A blend would work better, send me yours!

normal map lava.blend (567 KB)
i guess the problem is in the unwrapping, i can’t get them right, and only get 8 faces.
further i followd your tutorial from end to beginning.

Hmm, I though I omitted a little part, just before I rotate the other 8 faces, I dupplicated the firs 8. In total you must have 16 faces. Once you have the 8 faces mapped, duplicate them, but don’t move them, and put them below and upside down in the UV map!

Edit: Your blend shows you followed the tutorial correctly, after baking the textures, they animate properly on GLSL and face texture modes! Try to reopen your blend, or check if it’s on any of these texture modes.

aah , i played the animation and wasn’t on glsl/texture face. pressing p and going to glsl mode solved the problem. thanks and
great tut!

Thanks for that nice tutorial. I am looking for a method to get a tileable lava map. But I think in your method the map is not tileable. Or I am wrong?

Well, that was not the primary objective there, but I think you have to play with the textures, to get it to tile, try different noise sizes and types, I think F1 tiles nicely. But I’m not sure, maybe you could use a tiled texture as stencil…

Ah! This is what was missing. I thought it was me. lol
So you wind up with 16 planes then? The newly created planes are the ones you moved and flipped.
Warning-stupid question: What’s the reason for the baking? I’m really new to the game engine. I’ve been using Blender to create architectural still scenes. Now I’d like top make walk through’s.

Can animated textures be done in multi-texture? :slight_smile:

What’s the reason for the baking?

You see, the image we created is a procedural cloud! These built in textures are not supported in the BGE, then we have to convert them into “still” images by baking them into a texture. This way, the texture is created in the format you wish!

Can animated textures be done in multi-texture?

I believe so, but not with this method! This technique is a way to quickly get the animated image, you can nonetheless use a UV scroll script to have a better control over the animation, specially in Multi-Texture mode!