Animated light, quick question

I’ve got an animated light to be used in the GE. It’s supposed to be a torch light, so I animated it with a noise curve for small location changes as well as brightness. Looks great. Peachy. But when I move it, or try to duplicate it, of course it bounces right back to where the animation started once I’m in game mode. I’ve tried to apply the new location…no luck.

There’s a way to do this. I just don’t know what it is. Anyone?

“This is where the “relative” transform properties Ipo curves are useful: they add to the current transform properties values, rather than replacing them. If you create a circle animation using dLocX and dLocY (rather than LocXand LocY), you will be able to move your object wherever you like, and it will still continue to circle around its new location! The same goes for rotation or scale, even though it is generally less useful.Note that, if you have both absolute and relative Ipo curves on the same property, the later will be added to the former…”

Now to find out how to add dloc.

Solved. No way to change it after the fact. I need to insert a delta location from the “I” menu. I wonder why it isn’t possible to change it later.

Glad that you solved the problem. However, you asked your question in the wrong section. If you are having problems with the animation, it should be asked in the other Animation thread.

Second one of my threads judged to be in the wrong section - by non-mods. I’m getting a bit irritated with the micro-managing of threads. It’s an animation question. Is it artwork? Isn’t it all? Should it be in lighting? Maybe. Or maybe I just wanted to ask a question. Unclench your teeth everyone. It’s just a forum. It isn’t life and death.