Animated Lights

I am doing an animation and I want to have a light dim from nothing then dim back down to nothing.

Add an IPO curve to your Lamp’s Energy and you can animate it from 0 up to whatever energy you want and then back to 0 again.

Nice. But how do you “add an IPO curve” (in general) ?

@almux: Depending what you whant to change. For example if changes will be made to materials like “emit” value or color. You choose materials form bottom panel (or wherever you have it) or pres F5. Then you press “I” and pop-up menu will come out and you can choose from it. (It’s good to split screen and in new window select “IPO Curve Editior” so you will se the appearing". Then “Ctrl+LMB” add new keyframes directly in “IPO Editor”.

Just remember for a lamp, you have to select “lamp” in the IPO editor!

Here is a pic that shows the steps I took.

Step 1: Select the Lamp you want to control.

Step 2: Make sure you have an IPO window open.

Step 3: Set the IPO type to Lamp.

Step 4: Click on “Energ” to establish a lamp energy IPO.

Step 5 a,b,and c: Use Ctrl-LMP to set the points for your IPO curve.

This seems to work for me. If I missed anything, please let me know.


thanks Matt. Wiki Updated. Have a cookie!

Thanks for the cookie Pappa. I guess I didn’t miss anything then.

Great hints here! Thanks guys!
Hum Ctrl-LMB to create a new point: works! (of course it does… if you say so!!) :wink:

But still don’t understand how to grab or delete a SINGLE point to change its value position :o :o

@Almux, It is like editing a mesh:

  1. Select the IPO curve you want to edit.

  2. Press Tab.(Takes you to Edit mode for the curve.)

  3. The IPO points turn into points you can right-click and grab. If the interpolation mode is set to Bezier, you will see Bezier handles that you can grab and move to manipulate the curve shape

Hope this helps.

Gh! Aouch! Forgot this thing about Tab and Edit Mode…! Begging pardon for my shrinked brain…
Thank you