Animated lights


I have 4 animations of this sort to composite on 3 images I will render :

Can anyone tell me what’s the best way to replicate this animated scheme?

Thanks a lot for getting me started!

Hi Leminilab, You mean about what’s on the “roof” I imagine ? It’'s hard too see what you want to achieve and what’s blocking you :wink:

Hey Warnotte! Glad to see you!
Yes, I mean on the roof!
Well I don’t know hot to animate the lights to begin with… I think I’m a little overwhelmed by the project right now I guess…:no:

Perhaps if you don’t need 3D model for the “lamp”, you can model a simple mesh wrapping like the roof. Uwrap in someway making like if it was a 2d screen (as it’s not too distorded in this case) ane use a “movie” as source for light control and make it transparent ? Problem is to generate the movie perhaps and dompt the floor distortion.

lights_material.blend (644 KB)You could animate the light’s material with textures or make a movie type to animate their brightness. Like this perhaps:

Thank you all for your tips and advice! I’m sincerely grateful!

I’m not done with it yet and I’m still not sleeping too well but I am on track!
I modelled the lamps, grouped and unwrapped them (I’m not sure which unwrapping mode I should choose yet…).
Then I applied an animated texture (mainly some bw overlay transitions I found on Youtube).

I rendered my base image. And then rendered the animation by modifying my render layer (I couldn’t create another render layer: the render would crash otherwise… Maybe it’s due to the fact I’m using openExr as file format… I’ll check that).

I made another scene and composited the layers.

I still have to figure out the Unwrapping mode for my lamps and the timing of the animations but I think I’m on the right path!
Thank you guys again for your precious help!

Blender has a Point Density node which can be used to create lights from pre-fabricated mesh vertices, like the LED grid cover net for the place.
If you separate such net into rows and columns or squares you could keyframe animate visibility individually for each section and get any running light effect you’d need. here it’s a particle system which generates light emission; you could use mesh vertices.