Animated Logo

I’m a bit of an Eve Online addict. I made this quick logo animation for my corp in my spare time over the course of the last couple weeks. It was also my first adventure into audio. As always, I’m open to suggestions for improvement.

Wow, looks really good. Are the flames around the sword done with the Blender smoke sim or is it stock footage?

Wow that’s incredibly professional! Well done! 5 *s!

wow, really nice, congratulations (;

Looks really good, but I am not sure what is happening at 6 seconds in. Is the sword breaking the shield? Maybe a bit to much bumpmap on the text. I like the composition and camera movement.

Thanks for the comments guys. The smoke and fire are from the Action Essentials pack sold by Video Copilot. I had a lot of fun doing the compositing. This was also my first adventure into sound. I overlayed about 6 different sounds on top of each other to get it the way it is. There are still some things I’d like to change and add, so there’ll likely be a couple updates.

At 6 seconds I’m basically just building the logo after the base reveal. The shield drops in from the top, followed shortly by the sword. I wanted the movement to be violent and strong rather than smooth. Both the shield and sword are meant to be stylized more as though they’re large (space) structures rather than the items they’re shaped like. The text was a struggle and has seen several revisions already. I like the treatment, but it kills the scale I was hoping to achieve with the rest of the logo. Any suggestions on how to change the texture to make the logo seem larger would be appreciated.

totally works for me. chunky and moves nicely.