Animated looping water in .glb/gltf export

Hi, I’m new to blender (6 weeks) so this may be an easily solvable problem, but I haven’t had much luck in finding a solution so far…

I am creating a landscape model which will be used online as a virtual environment (in .glb format for use in threejs) and I would like to include a gently flowing looping animated river. I have looked into both displacement animation and the ocean modifier to achieve this, but haven’t had success in turning these into a mesh-based animation - which as I understand it is the only kind of animation .glb format will support. Does anyone out there have any suggestions about how to do this?

Thanks in advance - Daniel

Something like this workflow might be what you want:

It involves baking the animation to an MDD sequence, then importing that back into Blender to create a morph target sequence. The result can be exported to glTF. This process does increase file size a bit, especially for long animations, but the alternative w/ ocean modifiers is not likely to portable outside of Blender.

Thanks Don. As a newbie I’m fairly sure this workaround is little beyond my current skillbase, but I appreciate your input regardless!