Animated Lsystem : no script just the alpha motion test

Clic on one of these picts to see the divx 5.2 avi file (830kos) :

What’s the intended effect? Wind swaying animations? Or maybe some sort of growth?

Ok, you are right : “when you shoot, shoot ! Don’t Move !”
So : animated Lsystem, second service !

Clic on one of these picts to see the divx 5.2 avi file (~1250kos) :

I’m excited!


cool, butttttttm it does not pop Leafs should pop from branches, as they dont grow at the same time. Just a basic ramdom create will make it better, but also giveing it a 2 millasecond POP for leafs will looook soo much better…

Right now it just looks like butter in a factory or toothpaste :smiley: keep at it though

So you’re animating it after the tree “DNA” has been created? I guess that’s why the leaves appear right away.

The animation uses the lsystem module of the Armagan Yavuz’s Tree maker 1.2 . Obviously, this module was altered like the 1.1 version to return, at each display, a fixed models using the same given seed value.

My first approach was to use two limits, low and high, for each parameter . But, presently, I am working on a new version which will get data from ipo curves .

The thread for new images


Perhaps a good idea, if the ipo curves created in the current blender cvs are cleaner than the ones in the 2.37a, I will probably finilaze it .