Animated Main Menu

So I’m creating a first person shooter game and I want to add an animated main menu screen. Where the options are on the left overlaying the animated sequence, How would I go about doing this?.

you could render out the animation and use a video texture. this could be problematic due to the dynamic texture system being limited and buggy at times. but this would be the simplest and most robust solution.


create the scene and have the main menu be an overlay scene. complex animations could bug out, well defined logic is a must. the animation would be limited in quality to keep the frame rate high for a smooth UI (very important!).

The animation is a front view of the map with a birds flying in the background an one landing on a fence post. Than it loops the animation after every minute or so.

main menu, as in, start game and you see the menu, you play and dont see that menu again? until you hit exit or back to menu button?
then you can just make your animation how you like, if that is the only thing on screen, then it’s considered lightweight.

but if you are able to acces that main menu while playing as well, then follow the advice of deadalus, overlay, low poly (animated)objects and you should be safe to go.

Ok I’ll try that.