animated materials in the GE

I’m wondering if anyone else is having problems with animating material or texture settings in the game engine. As i have tried but its not working at all. Is this a bug or something?
Would be great to know if it is possible so im not wasting my time checking ive got it all right.
I am using blender 2.53.
I have added a material and uv image texture to a plane and a f-curve actuator and created f-curves for the alpha value. The actuator in 2.49 used to have to set the ipo to use but now theres no setting?

Also on another topic, i was wondering if anyone knows the best mapping technique for skydomes. Ive created one in stereographic or mirror ball format but what is the best way to map it without getting distortion around the horizon?
Thanks for any info :slight_smile:

Incase anyones interested Flaming Pears flexify and panotools plugins for photoshop are very usefull for creating skydomes, hdrshop is good too and standalone.

Your first question I can’t say. Your second question I think Unwrap with Mark Seam and then painting is probably the best way, no flaws at all.

Yeah, thanks for the tip. I think i might do some painting on layer with islands but also use my nice hdr render from terragen on top projection layer and paint on the horizon from same image in different format onto another cylinder map and then combine them into the best least distorted or seamed map.
I might even use a few objects to create the sky like dome for the top, cylinder for round the horizon and could use another smaller cylinder to create nice efefcts :slight_smile:

I would really like to know if anyone has that problem in the GE :slight_smile:
YOU are reading this, so tell me :slight_smile: please :slight_smile: