Animated Mesh Suddenly Too Giant-sized. Clear scale transformations didn't fix it

How can I make it regular sized again?

When I try to clear scale transformations, it appears to shrink back to normal size,
but then it just grows again, maybe when I replay an action (kickDEBUG in the attached .blend).

How do I fix this?

If I have to re-model a new mesh again, then that’s not too bad considering I’m doing that anyways and this attached .blend is only for prototype purposes only.


charDemo 574 verts.blend (2.04 MB)

Not sure what is wrong?

Looking at the file the scale (N = panel) is 9.625, set each value back to 1.0 ? I did that, adjusted keys, played it etc and it didnt grow again?

Ctrl+A after resetting scale for good measure.

Thanks so much! Why didn’t I think of that? I dunno why it was at 9.625.

I set it all to 1.0, i-key and t-key to insert keyframes for locRotScale, and it seems okay now.

Thanks again, D3Pixel!

:slight_smile: Glad you are back on track.