Animated models, reuse animation?


It is for my first video game + Mocap.

I have a human model which is animated. I only made one animation. Fine.
Now, I would like to slightly modify it and apply the same animation. But the problem is that the height and arm length and volume are slightly different.

I could spend an hour trying to adjust the skeleton to the new model.

But is there a way to “copy” an animation from a model and apply it to another one automatically?
It doesn’t have to happen inside Blender.

It would be a lot of pain thrown away.

As for the vertices, they are exactly the same, except at different positions, because it is the exact same base, just modulated.


Blender allows you to modify armatures in edit mode and retain all of the logic (constraints, drivers…) and animation, so it would just be a matter of adapting your armature to the new model, from there you could copy the vertex weights and link the existing animation and it would work (provided the vertex indices are the same like you said).

I don’t know of a way to directly re-use the baked vertex animation from one model to another while retaining their anatomical differences.


Well no choice then…