Animated music video 'Promise'

Hi Blender peoples!

Over the past 5 months I worked with a friend on a music and animation project. We used Blender because it allowed us to quickly set up our own renderfarm, and it allowed us to edit the complete film in Blender itself.

I’m excited and proud to share it here with you, and thankful for all the tutorials and open source tools created by the community.

This animation is part of a group of animations we showcased in a cinema in the Netherlands. To create the ‘digital cinema package’ we edited and rendered the full film in Blender, and used ‘Dcp-o-matic’ to create a DCP, which played perfectly in the cinema.

You can view the music video on youtube:

I wrote a full guide on how to do a cinema project with Blender and Dcp-o-matic here: I hope this guide is useful for anyone looking to do an animation project for cinema with Blender, and it will show you that it is perfectly possible without having to use ‘tricks’ or ‘hacks’.

Thank you for your time and support.
Greetings, Igor