Animated music video (WIP) SMALL UPDATE

I am making an animation for use with a song. You could call it a animated music video. No sound effects will be added there will only be my music of choice. This is my first real project so bare with me. I will be using unwrapping techniques, photoshop 7 for textures, making my own clothes, experimenting with lighting, and other stuff… as i said this is my first project to bare with me… it may take awhile. I will post pics each week on my website…

I will give the site when it is finished to… I am very excited about this so I will go start on it. Please give me all the critisizm you like…
Artist: Breaking Benjamin (Artist for the Halo2 song “Blow Me Away”)
Song: So Cold
I will be using Blender 2.35 and blenders rendering engine…

c ya soon

Well i have decided to use blender 2.36, mainly because i will use soft bodies, so i can animate my characters clothing. I will still model my characters clothing and bodies in 2.35 until 2.36 comes out so look for some updates soon.

As I understand it, full softbodies will not come out until 2.37. 2.36 is going to be released mostly to stabalize the code and bug-fix before moving into more difficult areas.

OH… (a wierd silence fills the room) I must have misunderstood… well i guess i will halt the animation until 2.37 comes out… nevertheless i will continue to model the scene and characters… yet i cannot animate the robes the way i want to, so i will do my best.

P.S. Any idea when 2.37 will come out?

Make human and the city block script (the beast) will be a big help… i give thanks to the authors

OH and by the way can someone please tell me how to create realistic wrinkles in clothing? My clothes tend to look like odd rectangular polygons… I NEED WRINKLES… :< … :stuck_out_tongue:

Instinctive Blender has softbodies :wink:

Instinctive Blender has softbodies

HUH??? Where do i get that and how is it associated with blender?

Ok thanks for the cloth tutorial

Dang that’s a fast reply

I read some of the info for the plugin and this concerned me:

Create a new Object, on which deformation will be based. For example,
a table where a tissue falls down.
This object does not need to be subdivided.

Will this effect anything since i am using it for a robe for my human?

NEVER MIND I think i will just wait until 2.37 comes out. I ilke it more and i am in the habit of using it…

I paid $890.00 for a program called Rhinocers 2.0 (CAD program) and I have resulted to using Blender… CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!

check out thier site.

If you want i could model some clothes in Lightwave with its cloth dynamics and export it as a .obj

PM me if your interested

If you want i could model some clothes in Lightwave with its cloth dynamics and export it as a .obj

That would be freaking awesome… should i make the characters in blender for you to use… I am using the make human program and i only need: Pants, T-shirts, Shoes, and a medieval style robe with hood.

If you don’t want the blender characters just go ahead and make the clothes and i will tweak them when i get them…

I hope you will do this for me… that would be great.
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sure, but since its in blender it wont be dynamic cloth. PM me wiht you email and ill work on it. Ill have to work between school so ill get it done as soon as possible

I have pm’ed you i don’t know if you have got it… any how i don’t care about the cloth being like that or not, as long as it has wrinkles and stuff like that. Do what you wish and i hope it looks great.

[email protected]

if you could export just the models you want to have clothes as a *.lwo and send them to ME! i can load them into the scene and apply clothes. Then ill send you the *.lwo back and you can import it.

if the “me” doesnt work [email protected]

Well i tried to export the human figures into .lwo but i get an error message like this:

Warning hex/oct constraints > sys.maxint will return positive values in python 2.4 and up

Import error: No named modules found

Can’t get traceback

Do i need to download python… i thought blender already had python installed?

That is incorrect. Blender has some python modules installed (enough to run some basic scripts) but not anything to complex. Are you using a external script or export-> lightwave?

No, the command is under the export tab under file… what is going wrong