animated musicvideo - combination of cutout-lowpoly

hello forum!
i started now to learn the animation section of blender and therefore i took subject on a combination of lowpoly modelling and cut-out animation.
the final video here:

i combined two animation methods for the characters. some are complete cutted in their parts and animated fixed through a basic rig and others are just pictures with weightpainted influence of a 3-4 bone rig.

the project is allready finished and i dont update this work - but for future animations i´d love to get some advises or critique whats to improve.

i´ve found for myself a load of things to change and improve. maybe some of it match also with your uninfluenced eyes.
thanks and have fun :slight_smile:

ahja… some technical infos:

  • done entirely with blender 2.74, cycles - exept some post fx
  • color and lensdistortion post-fx with magic bullet looks via sony vegas
  • rendered in 1080, 30p around 50 smp/picture some higher (150smp)
  • greenscreen footage of the musicians masked and edited with greenscreenwizard and krita
  • scene lightning: 1xsun + hdr
  • bad renderspots on the buildings at first strophe done with bilateral blur denoising
  • the video was organised as a oneshot szene: 3 stages of action and the cam moves between them