Animated Nodes: Values Not Updating in Rendered Sequences

Hey in my scenes the the values of the blur nodes are animated, and if i scrub, the values change, but when i render out a sequence, the value is static and nothing is animated…

so then i made a test scene with a cube and did the same setup, and the values animated with the renders!

is there a toggle somewhere that i might have deselected in my scene… or will node value keys not update during animation if the scene in complicated?

There are 2 buttons to activate the Compositor and the Sequencer in the output settings panel.

thanks for the reply

but to clarify, it’s compositing fine, but the values of the nodes, which i keyframed, are not changing when i animate a sequence.

if i scrub the values do change, but when i render out a sequence/animation the value stays the same as the first calculated value, and the keyframes do nothing.

I figured it out, i’m using the freestlye branch… if freestyle is active it won’t update the values properly.

This should be reported to whoever is dealing with the freestyle branch, as it may indicate a bug, unless it’s already flagged as a known issue.

oh i did on the freestyle thread already, with a simple cube blend file and all that, T.K. has apparently made an attempt to fix it already, but i won’t be able to test until the next linux or osx build