animated noise textures

i really like the procedural textures blender creates, but is there a way to animate the randomness or something, to get animated noise textures. i want to do fake fluid animation in my scene, with many different textures moving.
my solutions by now are to animate the offset or to set an rotating Empty as the target object in the map in panel, or to render an animated noise texture in after effects as an video file. but all this does not really satisfy me. to set ipos for noise size etc also won´t help, because the animation has to be very long and there is no way back of increasing some value. is there perhaps a texture plugin which can do this, i looked for some but didn´t find anything?
i would be happy for any help…

Erm… did you know that blender’s noise texture is already animated? You don’t need any plugins. It is in fact the only animated texture by default.

yes i know. but every pixel is completely new calculated every frame,so you can just use it for white noise in a tv or general film or video dirt, etc.
what i want is controlled smooth changing clouds, lines, curves or any form of dirt. i have just designated all from distorted_noise till marble and clouds as noise.

Do you know what cyclic extrapolation is? If so, use it.

if you mean the extend mode in the ipos, i don´t know how to use it for smooth animated noise textures.
what i need is something like the “fractal noise” effect in AE with animated parameter “evolution”, if somebody knows this. perhaps there is a texture plugin for blender which can do something similar?

i found it out myself, for those of you who also want to know:
you have to choose a noise texture like “distorted_nosie” and have to animate the z-offset in the material ipos, as i wrote in my first post in this thread, but i was only thinking about the x and y axises and did not know that the z axis has exactly the effect i needed.

You can also play with the normals and flipping the effect looks pretty cool keyed far apart.

Uh! This is exiting my Dumyness! Have you a .blend example around showing that operation along a timeline?

Cool stuff, that`s exactly what I was looking for. thanks bunch