animated normals with cycles?

I want to make animated normal maps in cycles. There are a few tutorials out there , but no one with cycles. I tryed it, but it does not work in my case.

It is not possible or does I have any fault in my blendfile?

I have included the blendfile and hope someone can help me.


gmartins (1.92 MB)

You need to unpack the normal map texture from your blend file to use it in cycles. Also in the Image Texture node set it to Non-Color Data.
You also need better lighting to show it clearly.\

Thanks for your answer. I just packed the image into the file that you can see it right in the downloaded file. I set it to non-color data, but it doesn´t changed the animation witch should play the first 99 frames…

Does anybody knows why?

What are you expecting to animate ? I can’t see any animation data

I want to animate the normal map. In the uv window if you press t there’s an option on the left called animate, but it does not work.

Like in this tutorial :

If you read the tooltip this is for the Game Engine, you want to render this is in Cycles. These are two totally separate things so it will have no effect in Cycles


Thank you! Is there another way of creating a water effect without fluid simulation and ocean simulator?

try dynamic painting

also possible with meta objects

or use some textures wave to make some waves