Animated Object falls in Game


I’m hoping that theres a simple answer to this.

I want to use ipo animation in a game/interactive walkthrough, and the animation works fine, but when played in the game, the object ‘falls’ in the z-axis even though there isn’t any z-axis animation, why is there up/down movement?

I’ve attached an example of whats happening. The ‘falling’ only happens when the animation is played. The cube sits on the plane fine in ‘free walk’ mode, using servo controls and mouselook.

Thanks for any help anyone can give, this is doing my head in,

Cheers, Rich

PS: Is there a better way to use animation in a walkthrough project? Ie if i want doors opening, lifts working etc, are armatures better even though these are objects not characters?


Example Problem.blend (125 KB)

You made your box dynamic, so it and the IPO animation make it fall a little bit. Works fine when your box is static.
Is that your problem or is it more complex then that?

IPO animation should be great for lifts and such as it doesn’t take very much memory at all.
For doors, I’d recommend using a hinge physics constraint so it actually acts like a door. :slight_smile:

I think that was the prob, thanks for the help. A couple of follow up questions;

  1. The cube, with a camera, will be the viewer in the walkround, will it matter that it’s static, ie if i want to use near/collision etc? Also, if i want it to move, under servo motion, down a slope, will that work as a static?
  2. About the ipo’s, if i have a lift going up, in frames 1-60, and also eg the viewer walking in 1-60, will both happen if i trigger either, as the frame no’s are the same. Sorry, thats prob a stupid question, but struggling to get my head around the way the timeline relates to each object?

Thanks for the help,